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YouTube Playlist Odyssey related videos are uploaded by all members of the team as well as the VKMT channel. Therefore all related development and update videos are added to a centralized playlist.

Codex Spreadsheet The primary centralized location for all documented info regarding the technical details of audio equipment involved in the creation of Halo's music. Also includes (small) addendums of sound finds from later Halo titles as well, though is focused on Combat Evolved, specifically.

ModDB Site for Odyssey update articles and downloads. Tag and map releases will be distributed here.

GitHub Older resource for Odyssey information and progress, due to the scale of this project, this was deemed to no longer be feasible for hosting, and is here for archival purposes.

Halo Links & Resources

The Reclaimers Library (c20) is the community mantained modding wiki for documentation regarding working with the Halo engine and creating custom content. This is the premiere location to look up references, object classes and technical information about the Halo games.

Halo Modding Reclaimers (Discord) is one of the largest communities focused around the first Halo and its modding scene, their discord hosts several community projects, works in progress, help and discussions, and tutorials spanning Halo Custom Editon, and the recent PC releases of Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3, and their respective mod tools.

Halopedia is the community mantained wiki for all things Halo series.


Martin O'Donnell (Twitter) was audio director on the Bungie developed Halo games, co-composed the soundtracks and directed voice-acting during his time at Bungie. After Halo development kicked into full, Marty moved to work at Bungie's in-house studio, Ivory Tower. He currently works at Highwire Games.

Michael Salvatori (Website) is the second co-composer of Halo, and continued to reside at Total Audio Studio after Bungie moved to Seattle. Michael still composes soundtracks for Bungie.

C. Paul Johnson (Twitter) joined Bungie staff during development of Halo 2 to assist with sound design, also contributing music on Halo 3, ODST and Reach. He also worked on Destiny and Destiny 2, and currently works at Probably Monsters.

Jay Weinland (Twitter) was involved additional sound work on Bungie Halo games, including sound design and audio implementation on CE, was Audio Lead from Halo 2 through to Reach, and continued to work on Destiny and Destiny 2, before departing to work as Audio Director at Industrial Toys

Stan LePard (Halopedia) composed additional music and orchestrated on Halo 3 - Destiny, and also contributed to the soundtrack for Halo Wars. He passed away in 2021.

New Classic

Tom Salta (Website) was lead synthesis designer on the Combat Evolved Anniversary soundtrack, and composed music for Halo Spartan Assault, Spartan Strike and Halo Wars 2.

Paul Lipson (Website) was Score Supervisor on Combat Evolved Anniversary's music, later becoming Senior Audio Director at 343 Industries and woring on 343-era Halo music.

Brian Trifon & Brian Lee White (Website) assisted with adapting and programming the rearranged scores for Combat Evolved Annniversary and Halo 2: Anniversary.

Lennie More (Website) helped orchestra the music for Combat Evolved Anniversary, and also composed the original menu music for Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

Additional Links

Odyssey Sound Team

Booey's Twitter One half of the hardware, Booey leads the charge on identifying the original sounds and arrangements for Odyssey.

Neo Te Aika's Website Second half of the hardware, Neo started and manages the project's development, expands on the original sound and handles all game engine implementation.

And Friends!

halobeforehalo.org Halo Before Halo is a similar archival site, focused on preservation, and documenting the history of Halo Combat Evolved, with dedicated web pages to each year of Halo's known development. It is also the site that inspired Odyssey Audio's design.

VKMT (YouTube) is one of the many modding groups in the Halo community, often feature Odyssey content in their showcases and share a close development partnership with Odyssey Sound Team.

TravellingHalo (YouTube) makes great in-depth analysis content on the Halo games' music, and has largely covered deep-dives into the 343-era soundtracks.

Jafet Meza (YouTube) produced the SPV3 soundtrack, has created several remixes and custom pieces for community Halo content and also designs visual art.

Alyxandra Guevara (YouTube) is a composer for the Legacies and Legends II community Halo projects.

Better Together!

Join the Reclaimers community to learn more about the modding scene, meet friendly faces, and keep updated with Odyssey discussion!

Odyssey Sound Team has created original tracks and remixes for VKMT, here are some trailers with our work!

Halo CE+ May 15 Trailer, Mantis In Mombasa (Original)

Halo CE+ September 5 Trailer, Reunion Tour - VKMT Mix (Arrangement)

Halo Combat Revolved September 5 Trailer, Halo Infinite CE (Remix)