Music Evolved

In 2001, Halo: Combat Evolved changed the world of gaming, using reactive music and a full surround sound experience to immerse players in a vast science fiction experience. Audio has always been a significant component to Halo's identity, the music inspiring many fans throughout the world.

This website documents Halo's music; compositional, developmental, historical and technical details, and is also home to Odyssey, a community project to ground-up rebuild and remake the Halo: Combat Evolved soundtrack, crafted from love for the series, and years of research into the process behind the original score.

Did you know: The Halo theme was created in just four days! Work began on July 17, 1999, live strings were recorded at Hinge Studios Chicago and finalized Monday morning. Then the CD was stepped on before the unveiling at the show... Luckily, there was a backup, and Halo was unveiled to the world!
See the very first public trailer of Halo from MacWorld New York, 1999.

This was a realtime demo running on Mac hardware.

A Mythic Restoration Project

In 2019, an idea was formed to recreate the Halo CE music, reconstructing the separate stems and instruments to distribute as a modding resource for custom music remixes and arrangements for new Halo Custom Edition community maps. This became the basis for the foundation of Odyssey, since then the project has expanded in scope and goals, and is now developed by a team.

Feel free to explore the various pages that each focus on an aspect of Halo's music history and Odyssey! This website will be expanded with additional historical content during 2022.